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Doubts over the commission’s powers to hold the elections before the expiry of the term of an Assembly are simply misplaced. Under Section 73 of the Representation of People Act, the commission can hold elections before an Assembly’s due date. Moreover, Mr Gopalaswamy said after a review meeting in Shimla on October 17 that the present Himachal Assembly can continue till its term ends on March 9, 2008. He has also said that there is no constitutional impediment for two Houses — the present Assembly and the one to be constituted after the elections — to coexist for some time. The Congress has been making a lot of noise on the weather factor. It has pleaded before the commission to defer elections on grounds of “heavy winter”. Not surprisingly, the commission has not only rejected its petition but also directed the officials not to make it an issue in the smooth conduct of the elections. Weather may be an important factor in the hill state, but the Congress overlooks the fact that the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections had been held in the winter during 1980, 1984 and 1990. The panchayat elections were also held in December 2000 and 2005. Even with regard to the examinations to be conducted by the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, there is no hurdle in the elections. Mr Gopalaswamy has told the state Chief Secretary that either the Board could reschedule the examinations or the Election Commission itself can advance the election dates by two weeks to help students. The relentless bull run, which had disregarded the rising global crude prices and the Leftist threat to government stability, has got deflated just by a “paper for discussion”. The stock market regulator, SEBI, had put this paper on its website on Tuesday evening, seeking comments to restrict foreign buying of Indian shares through offshore derivative instruments like the participatory notes (P-notes). Many foreign investors, especially large hedge funds, buy Indian equities through registered foreign institutional investors (FIIs) on the basis of P-notes.

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Look at Me revolves around the lives of seven twentysomethings and their complications with dating and surviving in New York City. He struggles to fit into the Japanese culture and hides behind the Internet. He meets Saki a freespirited Japanese woman who changes the way he views the world. When the carpenter is left unpaid Joanna sets sail. The following day Joannas fished out of the sea after falling overboard and diagnosed with amnesia. (Full categories: '80s Throwback, New Movies This Week, Comedy, Most Popular Movies). Brando plays Johnny the leader of a vicious biker gang which invades a small sleepy California town. Scotland Yard suspects a madman but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer but has only managed to make it as a high school poetry teacher. His only son Kyle Daryl Sabara is an insufferable jerk. One fateful night Frank meets Mary Burke the daughter of a man Frank tried to save. Together Frank and Mary confront the ghosts of the past. (Full categories: Drama, New Movies This Week, Most Popular Movies). But in the dead of night a stranger knocks and with the first swing of his knife the girls quiet weekend turns into an endless night of horror.

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As Oscar DeWitt would say, she's maudlin and full of self pity. On the other hand, Grant is born to be killed by a wussy German character actor on his way down to the indie abyss; even as a scientist he all but thrashes iron jawed Grant, who for his part misses one chance after the other to take him; Kolsek's gun is grabbable for whole scenes and then when he makes his move he socks him but doesn't even try for the gun arm. It's absurd - the kind of thing that would wake John Milius from the grave and make him loud is. 5 in rage, were he dead. I heard they did lots of pinpricks to make things sparkle but to me it looks like they just photographed some sunlight on water reflections on high contrast, but they try - like the better Bert I Gordon films such as Tormented and Amazing Colossal Man, (where is THAT film? makes one forgive the double exposure look of the effects because the story's engaging but neither boring with jargon nor braindead with teens - it finds a nice balance. Still, it's never less than watchable-- wry, and pulsing with 'all in a single night' momentum. Mackie is the cool Mrs. Peel to Jon Finch (Polanski's Macbeth)'s snotty Bristol Steed, Bennett, the gangster whose casino was robbed years ago by John Martense (Blake Adams)'s pops now presumed dead or gone CHUD-or-Merrye. The loots buried where the monsters are--the Lefferts' Corners' cemetery and church. Bennett, Ms. Marlowe and their gang blow into town to get the loot, holding a church and the few people there as hostage. unaware both the militant surviving locals and mysterious cannibals have picked that very night to squabble. Hellraiser's own Ashley Laurence has booby-trapped the graveyard with the assistance of Jeffrey Combs--an alky chain-smoking doctor--so the entire graveyard to blow to high heaven once a Martense surfaces.

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These statistics raise some alarming questions: Do we have enough jobs to employ so many illiterate people. Will those jobs pay sufficiently to keep them out of poverty. Because some cultures still place less value on girl’s formal education while their brothers are encouraged to attend school, females account for 66% of that number. Whether at home or abroad, the ramifications of illiteracy are obvious: poverty, social exclusion and limited access to medical care. The simple fact remains: illiteracy severely limits quality of life both in economic terms and in the possibilities of enjoyment. Parents, advocates, government officials, students may not agree on how to fix the problem, but everyone agrees that the ability to read beyond a basic level is crucial. Young adults between the ages of 15 and 19 spend only 4. minutes per day reading during weekends and holidays (excluding homework-related reading). Reading habits increase only marginally later in life. Americans ages 45 to 54 engage in leisure reading only 26. minutes a day, ( American Time Use Survey, 2013 ). The reasons vary by person, but perhaps the root cause has more to do with our cost-benefit analysis of the use of our time. A regular workout regime, say 3 times a week, 45 minutes each session, provides a tangible result. Reading about Queen Isabella’s rule in Spain through the eyes of author C.

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CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO Interesting and somewhat sad documentary about the people who dress up as superhero characters and hang out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater to have their pictures taken for tips. CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS WWIII has ended, and the remaining human population has created a series of robots to aid them. The more human-looking ones are programmed to help save humanity. nd they decide that the best way to do that is to make humans more like them. DON'T LOOK IN THE ATTIC Probably the dullest Italian horror film I've ever seen. Inside a haunted house, a man kills another man, then is killed in turn by a woman, who is pulled underground by a pair of hands. The house is left to 2 brothers and a cousin, who find out that their bloodline is cursed. Not much happens for 90 minutes after that, and even then, not too much happens. WHEN EVIL CALLS Okay, here's the concept: in the UK, a director makes several very short horror films (about 3-5 minutes each) that center around a cell phone curse that grants you one wish, if you forward it on to 2 others first. Each episode was then sent at random to a few cell phones, and the recipients would watch them, then pass them on to others. This film is an anthology of all the shorts strung together. A clown-faced genie starts the curse for no reason and 2 detectives (one who gibbers in undecipherable french) do nothing. The videos are completely predictable and lame: one girl wishes she was hot and gets set on fire, another girl wishes people could see that she was beautiful on the inside, and she gets hit by a car that rips her open. While I think the original cell phone concept was interesting, I think that's where these films should have stayed.

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If we get that, I’ll be happy, even it’s shorter than we might like. However, I feel like we’ve gotten several teasers in that style for Season 6 already. Promotional photos aside, we’re all going a little stir-crazy here. I take it back. I like your idea better. Wolves. I want to see wolves in the teaser. We always get dragons, the time for wolves has come. I don’t need to be teased for the teaser of the thing that’s actually teasing the finished product. I want to see if they made him look like his book counterpart. Especially since not knowing what’s going to happen this season is going to make analyzing the trailers so much more fun. Also when they Write prepared to be Teased, I took that as, they’re going to show major Shit that will get us all pumped. Enjoy the pics, the teaser and the trailer as they come and when they come. Try awaiting 4-5 years for a book (thanks, George!

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Cersei oczywiscie rozpoczyna rozmowe tak troskliwie, jak to tylko mozliwe, chociaz Tyrion nie chce po prostu wziac zalu. Cersei mowi, ze Daenerys jest cudzoziemska dziwka, Tyrion mowi, ze jest cudzoziemska dziwka, ktorej Cersei nie moze uszkodzic, dlatego Cersei trudno jest sobie z nia poradzic, Cersei mowi, ze przywiozlas tez psa Northernera, Tyrion mowi, ze nie wiedzial, zgiela kolano, Cersei mowi, ze teraz oboje pracuja nad tym samym celem, jedynym celem, nad ktorym Tyrion kiedykolwiek pracowal, zniszczeniem ich rodziny. Daenerys nie chciala debatowac i negocjowac, nie chciala przynosic ci slow, chciala przyniesc ci ogien i krew, dopoki jej nie poradzilem. Nie chce niszczyc naszej rodziny, nigdy nie mialem. Odpowiedz Cersei jest dobrze, ze zabiles tate, Tyrion jest jak ta, ale tata byl okropny, Cersei mowi, ze to nieistotne, kiedy go zabiles, sprawiles, ze nasza rodzina byla slaba i dlatego Myrcella i Tommen nie zyja. Tyrion mowi, ze jest mu przykro z powodu tych wydarzen. Tyrion akceptuje to, ze Cersei nie chce zmienic zdania, a on zmienia bieg, zachowujac sie tak, jakby, na pewno, cokolwiek, jest zagrozeniem dla Domu Lannister. Tyrion gorze coraz bardziej Cersei, a Gregor wyglada, jakby byl gotowy, a Cersei wyglada na gotowa do zlozenia zamowienia, ale ona nie. Wraca, by przeprosic za smierc Myrcelli i Tommena, Cersei nadal nie chce tego sluchac, Tyrion mowi, ze nie obchodzi go, ze musi powiedziec swoj kawalek, Cersei mowi, ze jego uczucia nie maja znaczenia i ze ona nie Niewazne, dlaczego zrobil to, co zrobil, dba tylko o to, ile kosztuje dom Lannister, bo to kosztuje ich przyszlosc. Tyrion pyta, dlaczego tam sa, jesli nie ma przyszlosci, dlaczego pozwolila na to spotkanie, Cersei mowi, ze to nie mialo pomoc wrogom w kolaboracji w jej zniszczeniu, Tyrion mowi, ze tak, ale musieliscie miec na cos nadzieje, Cersei odwraca pytanie, pytajac Tyriona, na co mial nadzieje, aby Jon Snow podporzadkowal sie twojej krolowej. Tyrion mowi inaczej, ale Cersei idzie dalej, mowiac, ze Tyrion chce, aby wszyscy z czasem zgieli jej kolano. Cersei nie dba o sprawdzanie najgorszych impulsow (to prawda), a ona kurczowo chwyta sie jej brzucha, a Tyrion oh no patrzy. Cersei wie, ze ta rzecz, ktora Tyrion zaciagnal tutaj, pozre swiat, jesli im sie na to pozwoli. Wszystko, o czym myslala, gdy patrzyla, to jak chronic swoja rodzine.