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100 The decoration in the ceiling of the Rats Chamber — a group of rats with their tails tied together — is called a rat king. They are often found alive, and can contain as few as three or as many as 32 members, although seven is the commonest number. Members are of both sexes, and almost always of the same age group, which may be young or adult. Rat kings are generally formed of black rats (Rattus rattus), although there is one occurrence of field rats (found in Java) and several of squirrels. No-one knows quite why they form, although one theory is that black rats (which have longer and more pliable tails than other breeds) get something sticky on their tails, and get tangled up when they groom each other, or while playing or fighting. Apparently, a modern artist decided to make a work of art depicting a rat-king, and even put it on the internet. The youngest son of a French lawyer, Bernadotte joined the French army in 1780, becoming an officer in DISCWORLD ANNOTATIONS APF v9. , August 2004 1792, during the French Revolution. Recognising his brilliance in the field, the Emperor Napoleon eventually elevated him to the rank of prince. In Sweden, where Gustav IV had abdicated (1809) and been succeeded by the childless Karl XIII, Napoleon supported Bernadotte as heir to the throne. In August 1810, he was elected crown prince as Karl John. Klatchian agrees. This time the little man plays the Hedgehog song, to thunderous applause. “I gotta ask, where did you get that? “Well, a few months ago I was travelling across the deserts of Klatch, when I suddenly came across a glass bottle. I picked it up and rubbed it and lo and behold, out popped a Genie. When it comes time to pay up he says to the publican, “I bet you double or nothing I can show you the most amazing thing you ever saw. “Okay, but I warn you, I’ve seen some weird stuff. The Klatchian takes out a tiny stool, which he sits in front of the piano.

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At the event, Chris plan comes off awlessly, and in a matter of seconds Carrie is transformed from a naive prom queen into a blood-soaked demon of vengeance. Using her telekinetic powers, she traps the students inside the gym and methodically burns, crushes and electrocutes all of the kids and teachers to death. Chris and Billy escape, only to be burned to death in Billys car. Returning home, Carrie is confronted by her mother, who intends to murder her and stabs her in the back. Stunned, Carrie psychokinetically crucies her mother with kitchen knives, after which the White house collapses and burns down in a paranormal restorm. In an epi- 88 Cinema of the Psychic Realm logue dream sequence, Sue (who survived) is shown placing owers on Carries grave, which is inscribed with the grafti, Carrie White burns in Hell, when a hand reaches out of the grave and grabs her leg. The director makes extensive use of slow motion, split screen, and color lters to heighten mood, and coaxes powerful, Academy Awardnominated performances from Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie. Lawrence D. Cohens screenplay does a good job of eshing out the bare bones of the King novel and adding a much-needed depth and resonance to the characters. Carrie paints an extremely unattering portrait of a psychic individual. Some critics have claimed that King modeled the character on that of Eleanor from Wises The Haunting, and the similarities seem obvious. Both personalities are hysterical, sexually-repressed, and dominated by their mothers. Carrie is really two lms in one: it is a teen coming-of-age ick combined with a gory horror melodrama. The two threads of the plot dont come together until the moment Carrie is doused at the prom, when the mood abruptly shifts from teen angst to horror. Its a brilliant emotional manipulation of the audience, but Carrie White goes from being a young woman on the verge of emerging into normalcy to a psychic homicidal maniac soaked in blood and wreathed in ame. For most of the lm, Carrie is a pathetic character who is forced to use her paranormal gifts to defend herself against her many enemies in a hostile world, including her own mother. Tormented by nearly everyone around her, she lashes out in blind animal fury when she is pushed beyond her emotional limits and afterward presumably burns in hell for all eternity. Yet the audience cheers when the blood-soaked telekinetic girl exacts a terrible vengeance upon her torturers. The novel and lm suggest that psychic powers are dangerous to normal humans, and here they emerge in a milieu of isolation, mental and physical cruelty, and perverse religiosity.


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during the night and hovers over Nancy while she sleeps, but then hides in the window seat when a dark ? ure enters through a window. Dracula soon hypnotizes the young people who happened upon his treasure, and he almost succeeds at luring them down into his underworld until his plans are foiled. Escape from Dracula’s Castle; U. . 1975. Writing Credits: Stephen Hotchner. Dr. Van Helsing, the world famous scientist, warned his young friend Jonathan Harker to use caution on his trip to Transylvania where he must close a real estate deal with Count Dracula. However, the young, ambitious Jonathan discounts the warning and nearly meets his end in Transylvania. The Baron and Baroness Frankenstein, accompanied by their servants, Igor and Frau Lurker, stay at a Transylvania fortress where they ? d several of their ghoulish enemies waiting for them. This musical spoof features Dracula, along side his wife, Natasha Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster, a hunchbacked Igor, the Mummy, and Ren? ld. John David Wellman and his ? ncee, Mary Helen Herriman, are forced to seek shelter in Dr. Frankenstein’s castle after a storm washes out the bridge. Dracula sets his sights on Mary, while the Countess begins eyeing John.

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Improvised horn licks are whirring through a flickering resonating body while the bass kick is filling up the tropic ambient air. Deep Dish member Ali Shirazinia aka Dubfire and the Parisian Popof are the ones to prove impressively that you virtually can't go wrong with stringent Hypno Techno and a diaphragm-shaking bass drum. In any case, the history of electronic dance music has not been outtold so far. The Chicago sound has not lost its fascination in the year 2010, that's obvious in the remixes of modern Techhouse heroes Reboot and Michel Cleis, who have previously released on Cadenza, Below, Buzzin' Fly and Cocoon. As a digital bonus, the record contains the original version, which has been out of stock for years. With releases for the Technasia label Sino, for his own platform Green or remixes for illustrious heavyweights such as Robert Babicz, Alexander Kowalski and Slam, Voorn belongs to those ambassadors of deep, uplifting, perfectly produced but still constantly energetic Tech House, that have set standards. No surprise that regularly, Voorn and his releases have been and still are permanent guests in the record cases of DJ icons like Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig or Sven Vath. His music is located at the junction between Turkish roots and western post-modernism, but still always succeeds in orchestrating the dark energy of the night, too. The two protagonists of the flip side, however, don't need any introduction: for more than 15 years now, Johannes Heil is an essential part of the German Techno community. No wonder that the Berlin resident was able to reach the top positions in the categories Best Producer and Best Track in both the Groove Mag as well as in the Raveline Magazine. Nobody else has catapulted Baby Ford's ifach sound into the year 2010 as consequently as Sis did. Compressed percussions, densified to the essence, and deep bass lines fill the room with a self-vibrating movement. I also assmbled different styles, so it is like a three-hour-set condensed to one hour. The idea is to show as much freedom in dance music as possible, the mix is not solely intended for the club or a big room but is focused on the most intimate club, afterhour and warm up moments with a strong emphasis on atmosphere. Emotion, feminity and depth are very important for me as an artist. I also try to keep the mix very modern, almost avant garde and visual, with new sounds and cutting edge tracks but without missing the club groove. As DJs, we usually feel we need to please hundreds or thousands of people in a club or at festivals. We have the pressure to make the ravers dance, scream and raise their hands frantically. This 'rave alarm pressure' is limiting us too much as artists and keeps us afraid of playing the most challenging, deep and beautiful music, as we are afraid of losing the floor.

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I'll still observe my usual ritual next week of recording the episode and checking in on Facebook afterward in the hopes that I can keep watching. ut I doubt this is the case. For those who have been reading these writeups for the past four and a half years, I'll make certain to let you know next week what the answer is, regardless of the outcome. And if this is indeed my swansong for my GoT writeups, thanks so much for the feedback. While books 4 and 5 have a lot of interesting material, they don't have nearly the intensity of the first three books. HBO had to make some major changes or risk slowly losing audience. Of course, they have changed storylines in ways I couldn't have imagined (Sansa being the most surprising), chopping out huge numbers of characters. If they could go back and start over, I'm sure they would cut even more characters from seasons one and two. I'm not sure what's a spoiler anymore, since this is no longer the same story. I think the only true spoiler will be how the whole thing ends, as I'm pretty certain the series and books will converge on that point. As for what's going on now: - I have a feeling we're going to catch up to Jon's story by the end of this season. They show him ever more questioning his decision to remain neutral, and we still have six episodes left. - I'm pretty sure Mance is dead and I'm guessing Brienne will serve his role at Winterfell in the books. That lends credibility to the Stoneheart hypothesis. Putting her in may have been prompted by last season's fan outcry. - The Unsullied are great soldiers, but not brawlers. They're used to fighting in formation, in unison, and spears aren't great weapons for an alley fight, so I do think there is some justification there. At the same time, that group they used for the Harpies wasn't all that intimidating. As I said, she's only been in two chapters since her death, and both of them involve a hanging.